Monday, August 16, 2010


It was AGM :)

I was supposed to reach at 7.30am but I was a bit late.
But, I was still very early. hahahaha!
Get what I mean? :P

the going-to-be bekas seats

I was rushing with my report after that.
I did this once, but the feelings were different.

St.John Anthem

aha, it was time for me to give my report.
I wondered people could hear me,
I wondered people were listening to me, hahaha!
But I saw the teachers were so darn attentive. -,-

this was the moment I love the most, passing file to my next generation. hahaha!
Good luck and all the best Loke Chi Kin!
and behind him is his assistant :)

tadaaa, we had nothing in our hands.

Jia Wen giving out souvenirs to us, bekas.

Nahhhh, forget about all the formal parts.
It was time to EAT!
Told you, I like kaiying's fruit salad the most! hahaha
can you make that for me again in mp? :P

with the form fives bekas.

alright, do your very best you two. :)

It was time to BERSURAI.
I stood at the last left corner of the squad. hahaha.
I always did.

Suddenly some childish people simply kicked the ball and hit my arm.
Owh I was super geram, nevermind forgive all those little fellows.
I am generous, :P nah!

This should be the last time I entered a squad.

Bye guys,

and goodbye too mates :)

Yea, seriously got to know some nice friends in st.john.
And now we left.

Does this mark the end of our friendship?
Keep in touch guys :)

Maybe I will forget that I am from KPS
I will never forget that I am from Division 14 & Division Kwang Hua (G) Cadet.

And so,
I bid St.John farewell.

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