Wednesday, August 11, 2010

In School

I am so bored of studying.

I am so bored looking at the books.

I am so bored looking at the teachers.

Then, I start yawning ...

yawn non stop!

start to feel sleepy, very very sleepy,
counting bla bla black sheep in my dream world,

start to fall asleep on the table.

that's what I do almost everyday in school.

I even sleep during Physics class.

Duh, I think I need some help ><

somebody please pull me out of this mess!

of course, regardless the fun time with friends in class ;)
I love talking to them, playing around and having fun!

It was just like today :)
no pressure, no stress.

But, if the weather turns better then everything will be just perfect.
owh, seriously I darn hate the weather recently!

* * *

share something with you guys again :P


I am always like that.

why am I not disciplined?

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