Saturday, August 7, 2010

Our beloved Puan Koh

well, Puan Koh Kwee Choo left us yesterday.
She is 55 this year and she chooses to retire.
She wants to keep fit and go travelling around the world.

take two, acting dai :P but some of them cheated us! hmph x)

take three, acting dai but with mouths opened! hahahaha.
paloi some of them were cheating again x)

went back to class,
we prepared a little surprise for her :)

This pandan cake smells really good :)
too bad I didn't get to taste one. :P

we stood by the door to welcome her x) hahahaha!

nah, there she was, looking happy :)

and still very happy :)

she smiled so brightly until her eyes left only a line. x)

blew the candle

and our humourous classmates did a very sweet thing! hahahaha.
they shouted this from behind.

and she looked like so paiseh x)

cut the cake!
yeeee, I couldn't get to eat :P

we forced her to pick the candle out with her mouth :P

she did it! wahahaa by biting on it :P

gave a short speeh

is this a picture of a person who was touched? :)

Oh, she didn't realise that beekee prepared a Love Bento for her until we reminded her. :P
and she opened it,

she was so happy, hahaha!

and still very happy x)

took another group picture in the class :)

before recess, she signed on the buku disiplin for the last time,

and she wrote there, I ♥ 5S1, 2010. :)))))

that's all for today. ♥

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