Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I particularly have nothing to write about.
I just write whatever that comes to my mind.
Sigh, life is about the same everyday.
It's so tedious.

Somehow I want to stop blogging,
but some of my friends tell me they read my blog,
and those who leave a comment in the chatbox.
Thank you, because I know that you are reading this.
I really appreciate.

Or those,
suddenly ask me why are you bla bla bla bla bla,
and I get a shock and ask in return,
"eh, how you know one?"
"oh, because your wrote that in your blog right?"
I don't say anything but I am really grateful.
Thank you :)

By the way, I think my blog is boring.
Don't you think so?

well, 30 hour famine is around the corner.
and I am very looking forward to it.

I think this event is very meaningful,
we really should appreciate whatever nice stuffs we have now.
we are way too lucky compared to those pity kids in places outside.

Like me,
I have a good life actually.
I wear perfect clothes, I have perfect meals sometimes even extra,
I have my beloved caring family and friends,
I have what I want (of course not too much),
I learn what I am interested in, I do what I like.

so why complain? hahahahahaha.
(apart from the tedious school works) :P

alright, share another stupid but very true quote.

People start to not believe in people.
So do I, because people are dangerous.
They cheat, they rob, they steal, and they kill.
Oh no, this is shit.

Honestly, I do not read newspaper.
or should I say, I never read newspaper.
I am not kidding so don't laugh at me please.
I really don't read.

I am quite like a person who lives in hutan pedalaman,
knows nothing about the society and world.
but sometimes I get to know through conversations with friends.
Then I am like "ohhhhhhh, really arh?"
then people will look at me like "why this person doesn't know anything one? so sampa."

I don't read because
I get a nightmare everytime I read.
This is so true.
I cannot have a nice sleep.

Those news reported in the newspaper are like soooo scary.
I am always horrified.
I cannot understand and cannot accept why the hell scary things like these will happen in this world.
Oh no, is like not logic at all.
So I choose to shut myself from all these shits. ><

Ah, forget about it. 
I think I will automatically start reading again when I grow up later. 

well, since I am not studying, so I am very eng, 

this is what I did. 

Picture of the day ::::::::

My handsome boy :)
Don't tell me you are more handsome than him.

K lah just joking.

Till then, have a nice day peeps. :)

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