Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An ant

is strong.

I saw an ant on my keyboard just now. Oh, seriously I hate ants! I tried to blow it away. I blew very hard for times. I think the ant was experiencing some kind of disaster. haha! But, it held the corner of my keyboard and persevered until I stopped blowing. Then, it quickly hide away.

Oh gosh, it is strong. I don't think I can stand like that when something bad happens. I admire his determination to live.

* * *

Today, I finally wore my full uniform to school. My friends and classmates were so shocked to see me like that. hahahaha. I told them, ya left two weeks before leaving, I shall wear it for the last three times. At least, I gained something from there, I learned from there and I grew up there.

I knew three of my 5INGs there, and we started to get along and became best friends :) I learned to lepak with pjing haha!

And, I learned how to persevere through hard times with my teammates. (although lots of complains in the middle) :P

So, don't worry guys I start to see things at the brighter side. x)

Hmmmm, share a really lameee joke with you guys,

lame lehhhhh x)

by the way, Happy Birthday to Alan! :D

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