Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's fun

with the buddies! :D

*pictures from tracy*

Well, we had a little fun gathering playing badminton and doing some revision at botanic club.
I went there late.
They were already playing badminton.

sibeh ugly, hahaha!

well, the first match was double between en and i and tracy and rongkai x)

after about an hour of playing, everyone was exhausted already.
So we went outside to take some fresh air and take picha!!!! :)

teehee, we were couples ;)

the guys :)

all of us!
take one :)

take two :)

take three!

then we girls pakat-ed to chiong in front of the camera :P

another picture taken with self timer.
take one,

take two,

take three!

the three musketeers :)
love you girls!

tracy, me and eric

welcome to california! *inside joke*

hahahaha, I looked tall here. :P

said wanted to pose but we stood too near to each other ;)

alright, didn't know what picture to take already,
so let's have a jumping one! :P

prepare, ready?
oh no everyone looked like pangsai-ing. x)

and yay, jumped! :)

we wanted to take a more perfect one.
so again!

this time was a failure. hehehe.
we landed on the floor before the camera kacha.

but it was in a self timer mode that time, so we continued jumping jumping x)

I looked very noobie here,
because everyone stopped jumping already but I was still jumping ssly. :P

gan shao qian!

wheee :)

three of us wore the same tee shirt! :)
we will always be together, the 3 musketeers ;P

loving this!
but I took too much of en's place >< sorry.

A new longer t-shirt by tracy! :)

life is boring without u!

yes, life will never be boring with you guys around. :)


I played too kaolat yesterday and I am suffering from muscle ache now :(
And yesterday, the three musketeers were having tuition class so we went back early.
Then the guys were sibeh shuang lor.

They went swimming after that.
and they had a good GCB at mcdonald.
They even went to eric's house to chill and botanic cafe after that.

see, this is the advantage of knowing how to drive a car.
they can go wherever they want and have fun like totally!
eeeeshhh, SPM faster come and over I want to go get my license! :P

but there is one thing I am worrying about.
I get so scared after reading tonnes of news of car accidents in the newspaper.
I am seriously horrified.

Oh people, please drive safe!

Well, today is another pleasant saturday.
No school nothing.
I should be studying but I am seriously very lazy :( *failure again*


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