Monday, August 9, 2010


It was a good friday morning :)
that morning was also Puan Koh's retirement ceremony.

These were the presents we prepared for her,
including the card above :)

After all sorts of ceremony at dataran,
we went for our recess.

woah, and one thing she impressed me.
She played basketball, netball, volleyball, tennis.. and what more? Almost all the games man.
She also performed during her younger age.
woah, couldn't believe that she was that active!

And, she donated 50 thousand ringgit to the school
is helping 5 students each year with their tuition fee.
Each of them will get 1000 ringgit per year.
How generous of her. :)

After recess, she was leaving.

The uniform bodies were standing along the road.

there she was

getting nearer,

we just blocked the whole exit, hahahaha!
people were standing vertically but we were standing perpendicularly to them.

and getting nearer again,

and nearer,

and nearer,

they shouted something, but I forgot :P

her car passed by me and I bid her farewell.

goodbye teacher :)
hope you will be doing well after your retirement.
I know you will :) hahaha!

by the way, my sister and I shared a little present for her.
A handbag from Alain Delon.

And, I think I had showed myself up on the stage! ><

Have a nice day peeps :)

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