Thursday, August 12, 2010

Angelina Jolie

I love Thursday! :)
No tuition classes, no dance classes, no science periods, no no no nothing :D
somemore, school ends early on thursday :D
During bulan puasa school ends earlier lagi :)
so very shuang :P

Watched SALT and did some shopping this afternoon :)

Angelina Jolie is just too gorgeous!

But, I think salt needs tougher understanding than inception. -,- eesh.

Look at her figure :D

gorgeous woman,

she keeps disguising herself in the movie so that the people won't track her.

looks professional and smart here :)


she is so cool!
really yao yeng :D

I like her in this way the most.
I think she looks sweet.

In the end of the movie, I didn't know what had happened :P
hahahaha, sorry guys I know that I am very stupid.
Anyway, I'll ask somebody about the story and get myself out from the blur mist.
mind to share with me anyone? ><

You know why,
in the end, the guy said "go get them!"
then Salt jumped from the helicopter and into the sea and swam away.
Then the scene caught her running very yao yengly in the trees then,
sari kata oleh ..... bla bla bla. -,-
how could I know what is actually happening? lol.

I thought after that it will be some chi kek fightings, like Salt beats up all the bad guys and happy ending something like that.
I don't know, maybe there is Salt 2! hahahaha.

Alright, no matter what, I still like her :)
she's too gorgeous.

hehehehehe :P

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