Monday, August 30, 2010

Pleasant Sunday :)

It was another pleasant Sunday :)

And I was like 上了贼车, after having breakfast with family, mommy suddenly said going to tanjung sepat for a little trip! -,-

Well, I couldn't go home, so must follow already.

After a long time of driving, we finally reached longan farm!?

Can it be called a longan farm where there was no longan there? not even one round longan -,-

blurrhhh, sien place.

The place was just like a small pasar, selling fruits and vegetables.

------------------ -,-

Fine fine, the next destination was better.
The ganofarm! :)
Well, incase you don't know what's ganofarm, it's 灵芝园.

the breath-taking view :)
well, the tiny little bridge is so called the famous lovers' bridge -,-
but I don't think it's romantic, at all!




then we visited the ganoshop and bought some gano stuffs. -,-

And there was an uncle selling my favourite muachi there, so super yummilicious! :)
He is not kiam siap at all, because he gives a lot of peanuts :)
unlike the materialistic hawkers in klang, most of them are very kiam siap one give a little bit only.
how could it be nice, right?

食物就是要用心准备才会美味 :)

Next, we went to find my daddy's long lost pal. hahaha!
they didn't keep in touch for quite some time already.
and he is now the king of pao in tanjung sepat.
you know, 包王.

his little shop but sooo many tourists were there. -,-
pek cek!

So we went for the easy way, hehehe, terus looked for the boss lah :P
but my dad forgot his name, and he forgot my dad's name.

hahahaha, anyway, he still treated us with pao and lots more.

the making of pao, kakak please don't stare at me!

got pao (I like red bean one the most), 虾饼,鱼圆,砂粒果 and bla bla bla.
simple but nice :)

nah, this is his 招牌。
his staffs also come to sell pao at bukit tinggi and kapar once a week.

before we went back, siblings and I bought 麦芽糖!

the original flavour is good :)

hahaha, we turned them into spiral shape.

huh, finally I came home.
cousin sister was here ;)

She's cute, isn't she? :)

waliu, she kept on having fun on the treadmill and made me so kang kor needed to take care of her.

this is her sister :)
super naughty! hahaha.


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