Friday, August 13, 2010

Go Green

the temperature on earth is exceeding the limit point,
the thermometer is going to burst, soon enough.

Earth is admitted to the hospital, so pity :(

He feels so hot, sweats like don't know what everyday!
so do I :(
I couldn't stop sweating for a second. ish! hate it :(

even cold places start to become warmer, isn't it?

This is what we called global warming.
(ah I am talking shit), everybody knows that.

so, we must

I am planning to prepare recycle bins at home.
Alright, I know I am actually very late but
late is better than never.

and, let's go green!

we have the responsibilities to protect our homeland.

and also create a better home, TOGETHER.

* * *

School held a talk on environmental protection.
Honestly this really creates a consciousness in me, I don't know about the others.

Yes, I have been doing some little things to help the environment. 
But, I think I am not doing good enough.

So, I have to do more :)

However, sometime these efforts seem to be so useless because people will look at you like aliens.

Ah, forget about it, I have some plans in my mind x)

Anyway, I am going to share another funny quotes with you guys.

Yes, I am very agree with this!

I must take my nap everyday since form 1.
I don't know why.
And, my sleeping time is like from 3pm to 9pm that long!
at least, I improve a bit.
I am sleeping from 4pm to 7pm like that already.
hehehehe :P

SPM trial is around the corner, sigh*
I should not enjoy sleeping so much anymore,
must wake up and


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