Saturday, August 14, 2010


Finally it was AGM.

Hahahahahahaha, I feel ..........



I know I feel different from others, but this is me.

Well, I was supposed to give a report today.
But, I hadn't write it until this morning.
Ya, I am was this terrible.

I may be a good junior, but I am definitely not a good senior. lol!
Forgive me.

However, I managed to finish everything before the ceremony started.
and things worked out perfectly.
I didn't cry, yet I am not too happy too.
I was having a complicated feelings, they mixed very confusingly. -,-

Juniors prepared souvenirs for us, and I super like it :D
Kai Ying too prepared my favourite yummilicious fruit salad for us, aww how sweet of her.
I just couldn't stop eating that, if I was not full. :P

There was a slide show too. Nice :) Wonder who did that.
When I saw the pictures (mostly recent pictures), I think I really symphatized myself at that moment. x)
I left a big hole of regrets in my secondary life.
I did not enjoy it.
My friends knew the story, and it was very pathetic. hahahaha!
I should just bear with it and enjoy the moments.
But I didn't, maybe I was just not brave enough.

No matter what, I was very relieved :)
I held no more responsibilities for the disappointing and hopeless training -,-
( I am very bad!)
Especially the moment I handed my file to Loke Chi Kin :P
Good luck and do your best. Don't be like me. Alright? I know you won't :)

Anyway, I finally found my feelings towards St.John before form 4.
At least, a little bit.
But I was leaving already hahaha.
and I was not regretful. 

Do you find an irony in my words? 
I said I left a big hole regrets but I was not feeling regretful. 
Told you that I had a complicated and confusing feelings. hahaha.
Yes I was a weirdo.
Okay, I am not emotional. hahahaha. 

Till then, I am happy :) Bye! 

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