Monday, August 2, 2010

Sakae Love

Tracy's birthday lunch with en :)

This time, we were at sakae sushi :D

We can never get enough of japenese food!

ummmmmmmmmm, simple :)

my favourite miso soup :)

My most favourite sashimi. ><
I don't eat this.

cheesy yummy :)

tempura salad :)


soft shell crab temaki with extra extra mayonnaise! :D

mango the love :)


duh, our faces were horizontally pulled! :P

finished eating!

whee, sisters forever :)

me with the birthday girl muackx!

yay, she is seventeen.

she is officially seventeen too!

Nevermind one more month then I will be officially seventeen!
But, I don't want to get older!

wow, it was the cheapest among the three times :)

Did some shopping then went for McD ice-cream :)
me and en had chocotop and tracy had mcflurry oreo.

she just couldn't stop smiling x) hahaha!

I am loving her smile sweet girl : ))))))))))))))))

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