Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Girls' Day Out

Planned to go for a bazaar at subang parade.
But, we changed our plan at the very last minute :) hahaha!
Actually wanted to go to midvalley since kailing was there :P
But, it was too far for us to travel by MALAYSIA public transportation. you know lah -,-
so, we decided to hang out in sunway :) not bad already. hehe.

I was waiting for pjing and kherching at centro in the morning.
Feeling bored so I went to have a cone of mint choc kisses ice-cream at new zealand natural!
Yums :D

My distorted ice-cream ><

Reached sunway so so so so late!
we took a bus I think at around 12pm but reached there at almost 2pm!
waliueh, if I drove maybe I could get there in half an hour time!
Ish, geram.
Nevermind, forget about the bad part. This is malaysia, we couldn't expect alot.

The first thing we did was queueing up for Inception movie tickets.
Ugh, huge crowd.
We managed to get tickets, but they were all in the super FIRST row -,-
phewit gonna faint x)

We were so hungry, had our late lunch at pepper lunch :)
good food time :D

kherching and I ate japanese terriyaki chicken while pjing ate some kind of spaghetti.

My sister said kherching was looking nice in the second picture :)

my pjing :)

creamy cheesy

As I said, inception was incredible :) hahahaha!
but I am going to watch it for the second time because watching at the first row was memang torturing.
I couldn't see the whole screen with one look. Must divide into parts x) how awful.

Luckily I knew the storyline. :)

After inception, did some shopping before going back.

Peace, love being with my girls :)

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