Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's time to


I received my trial timetable this morning.

Ughhhh, hate to see that but I have to accept the reality of sitting for exam. :(

So sad.

I couldn't am not allowed to procrastinate anymore.

I guess my parents are quite upset about my attitude recently,
even me myself too.

Sleeping in class in the morning, taking a LONG nap in the afternoon, sleeping early at night.

Wth is going on with me?
I don't think that I would do this to myself last time.

I am a sleeping ugly.

People around me are busy with their serious stuffs while me,
I am concerning whether my bones are senget or not.
*too free liao*

Well, maybe I really should go for a haircut, to change my mood.
But, I am very bu she de to cut it short leaaaa,
somemore I already have a bad hair.

I need courage, and motivation.

I need a wake up call.

I need a person to slap me hard in my face.

I need some pills to get me into my happyforeverdream.

I need a nice life.


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