Friday, August 6, 2010

040810 :)

Said Happy Birthday to Alan! :)

We prepared sushi for him :P
Lol, we were bored of cakes.
Tracy bought as many as 3 boxes and we couldn't finish them x)
anyway, me likey!

beeying was holding the sushi :)

let's sing,
Happy Birthday to you,
You live in a zoo,
You look like a monkey,
Happy Birthday to you!

hahahaha I am sorry if I forget the lyrics in the middle.

there he was ;)

blew the candle and he was too fast, I couldn't any of his pic.
only this, hiak hiak!

wei leong you have no image liao x)
I am sorry!

Him posing with his present :)

group picture take one :)
Bk was not there he rushed back to his class to do hw liao, zzz.

group picture take two :)
6s forever :)
I love my buddies! hehehe.

the dudes were choosing which one to eat. lecehnya x)

and he was reading his birthday card :)

Okay, enough of celebration.
Let's see some funny pics :P

proudly present you,
the piggest buddy x)
Tan Rongkai!

the most kiam siap person (last time) :P
Shao Qian ;P

normal picture of zhangyik and alan :)

bought him a gentle king t-shirt because he is always being a gentleman :)

and pictures of ours :)

Finally, I would like to end up this post with an ugly picture.
The fatty pig in uniform, hahahahaha!
somemore eating sooooooo uglily, don't you think so?

Once again, happy birthday alan!

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