Sunday, September 12, 2010

I'm not into these

Actually we wanted to visit the Universal Studio on my very last day in Singapore.

But, daddy said it was not worth the visit since we were going back already.

So, we changed our destination and visited the Sands Skypark @ Marina.

The building was beautiful,

the interior was not bad too :)
(but I like the Venetian in Macau much much much more!)

I thought it would be very beautiful, I mean the view from the skypark.
We paid like 14 dollars each person (rm30 like that) for the entry fees.
OMG, so freaking expensive and I think it was not worthing at all!

hahaha, I was closing my eyes because the sun was striking. 

this one was better, but still not very good.

and this place was only available for the hotel guests.
so we outsiders went there memang very bored!

stupid boring sands skypark

after that went to pick my brother up at the kids' club.
stupid him, he enjoyed a lot playing ... was that a gameboy? *-)

we had our late lunch there, the food was not bad though :)

I wanted to shop but I could only see those super brandy shops there, like what?
Armani Exchange (lol sorry I could only remember this because I was having lunch in front of AX)

Since my sister wanted to visit the Science Centre sooooo desperately
(actually I didn't know what was so fun about sciences),
so we went all the way to Jurong.

ah, this one was cute! ;)
It was actually showing the conservation of energy but I was thinking the other way round.
The balls rolled here and there like were riding on a roller coaster, how fun!
and the sound produced was very cute also :P hahaha!
(don't tell me anything about that stupid science -,-)

hahaha, this was about bla bla bla molecules.
I just captured it because it looked very much like donuts :P
or dog biscuit? -,-

I didn't know how this worked.

but it's the

nah, that's how it looks.

I also didn't know what was special about this. :P
hahaha, my little brother was trying to play kungfu.

Finally, we went for the IMAX - SEA REX @ the IMNO Theatre.
the threatre was circular.
It was a 3D show without needing to wear any stupid spectacles.
But, quite pening -,-

and, the show was one word - BORING.
omg, maybe it would be interesting to people who are interested in dinasours, reptiles and history.
But, I am not!
I really felt like sleeping there -,- zzzz.

But not so bad lah, at least I knew that there were actually lots of kinds of marine reptiles, land reptiles and sky reptiles in don't know how many billion years ago.

(but, I am still not interested :P)


well, and then, we said goodbye to Singapore.

OMG, I feel like go travelling again!!!!!!!!!

Stupid SPM, I'll kill you. (if I could)

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