Monday, September 6, 2010

Back to Reality

Hello peeps, miss me? :P (nah, I know I am very zi lian)

I didn't blog for 2 days.
went for a short trip with family to Singapore.

Well, I went there once, during my primary graduation trip.
But at that time, I didn't enjoy myself because I had not many good friends, very quiet and I was still a nerd.
Anyway, I would still miss that trip because funny things were happening around me. hahaha!
They were funny and annoying. (Sorry I couldn't share here) :)

Since I went with my family, of course I couldn't do crazy things and have fun like kao kao.
Anyway, I was liking it because no books there!
but, I got to come back to reality now.


Might be updating tomorrow :)

Good night!

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