Sunday, September 26, 2010

To me, they're plain sweet!

I am blogging again,
Well, it was still about my birthday :P
*sorry but I really have something to update about*

And peace, <3 I was a happy girl!

Sweet things from sweet people,

Sister ♥

Him ♥

Little sister ♥
hahaha, see? This is what she did for me, hand-made.

And this too x) although I am not wearing, but still thank you lah sissy :)
She sewed them together and became like that x)

Musketeers ♥

Zhihan, Yingjing, Zhiyin, Nyeehuey, Hueykhim ♥

and nice handwriting by zhihan I think :)

hahaha random stuffs :)

Vivian ♥

I love this the most!

6S ♥

heheheh me like this!

Thuan song ♥  Tracy ♥

by the way, this is not a birthday present,

But cute stuffs from Vivian ♥ 
All of us have one! wheeee :)

so cute, don't you think so? :)

* * * * *

I am blogging in this stupid hour.
It's 7am now.

Stupid right?
I should have gone to have my sleep until the afternoon.

But what happened was,
I suddenly woke up from my sleep and
I cried like anything.

I didn't know what was wrong but
my tears just wouldn't stop and
they just came out like waterfall. Ew,
but I was feeling much better after facebook-ing and blogging.

Aiya, I didn't what happened also.
hahaha maybe I dreamed of a scary dream but I forgot.
Lol I didn't know what to say about this.

But well, I should start studying whole day because
I am so left out in my Sejarah and I really want to
try my super best not to refer to the soalan bocor.

By the way, I wanted to ask you guys something,
Is it very stupid to update my blog, like every single day?
Sometimes I feel so stupid but I just want to update! hahahaha.
Tell me the answers alright, thank you :)

It's time to go, goodbye.
or should I say, good night?
I shall go back to sleep as soon as possible before the sun rises haha.

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