Friday, September 10, 2010

Dolphins never fail to SMILE

It was my second day in Singapore.

and the weather was very bad. -,-

It was raining whole day man, omg how to have fun?
then at that particular moment, I thought that driving to Singapore was a good thing.
If not all of us got to run like mad in the rain to take the mrt or whatever XD

Headed to Sentosa first before having breakfast.
Omg, it was so hard to find for a normal restaurant there.
So finally, we saw a resort and had our breakfast in the restaurant inside :P

hahaha, camwhored :P

Then, went straight to the Underwater World.
went there once during the graduation trip, but I was not impressed at all :P

hahaha, bad photo quality only could see my shadow XD

Daddy was touching the sting ray!
OMG, so geli to me ><

Another bad photo, the original one only could see my black shadow.
I edited the brightness only could see my face XD

This creature is very geli :P

Macam cacing saja -,-

Undeniably this is cute! (to me)

SHARK oh Dangerous Shark

小丑虾 oh so cute! :)

Paul the octopus,

This is more disgusting,

leafy dragon very cute also :)

Doreen! :D

I couldn't capture any of the nemos.

Me @ the Underwater World,

hahaha, staff was cleaning inside,

Jelly jelly, sometimes I found them cute but sometimes I found them so lembik. ew.

There were drawings of global warming consciousness.

Should save the earth, but how many times have we said that? ;(

after all the boring fishes, we finally went to see the dolphins! :)

hahaha, this was really funny.
one of the dolphins took away its trainer's container while she turned around to face the people.

then she quickly jumped into the water to get it back!

I gave a loud applause on this.
I thought the dolphin was going to hit the ball with its mouth,
but she didn't!
she hit the ball with her tail! ;D

See, their lips line are always pulled upwards,
look very like smiling :)
And, I love it!

saying bye bye to the people, and the show ended.

and the sea lion came out.
not cute one I think :P

I like dolphins!

Because they are always smiling :)

So smile more people, you look nice :)

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