Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Birthday ♥

Hahaha don't worry it's not about my birthday this time :)
It was my one of my besties' birthday!!!

 ♥ Happy Birthday PJING ♥

Well, Kherching, Viv were waiting at starbucks very early.
I went there 2 hours later and kailing even later xD

We said to prepare our kisses at home!
Tadaaa ;

♥ Kherching ♥

♥ Vivian ♥
hahaha, cacated  because she reapplied with lipstick!
So funny lar she :P

Hahahaha mine ♥
I memang "muackx" on the paper :PPP

but Kailing forgot hers!
so it was not perfect liao only three of us had.

and like what pjing said,
she was doing her kiss at home when we never asked her to!
we really have the fate 5 INGs ;)
After all of them came,
we went to buy secret recipe cakes!

Everyone got to choose their favourite cakes! :)
I chose superb mable cheese cake! ♥
it's my most favourite of all.

Then pjing came out of nowhere and the girls got a shock and simply hid here and there, so lang bei lmao.
I was supposed to give pjing a surprise because I told her I was not going and she got a little disappointed I think, then only me was hiding like so lame! XD
But I managed to surprise her more than the stupid cakes :P whee!

Loving this ♥
we bought her a flying yellow minion balloon :)
I actually wanted to stick the kisses on it but they said it would sok sui and become not nice liao xD

The surprise was a failure because she came down too early before we managed to get a lighter -,-
so we sang her a birthday song but with no candles.

I was so bu gan yuan,
I went all the way to 4 Sekawan and borrowed their matches. hehe
they were way too friendly than the starbucks workers seriously! :P

and Pjing was holding her handphone all the time whahaha!
Too many wishes I guess.

Sang her a birthday song again ♥

She made a wish ♥ or wishes? ♥

Blew the candles ♥

Cut the cake she wanted ♥

And me like this! ♥
5 INGs pic

Take two and Jin Ken was so proud of himself (according to Henglin) :P


hahaha five of us ate until so messy and the guys dare not to eat with us until we finished ours :P
sorry lah xD

Pjing said she likes this one because so lang man ♥ :D

I love her smiling ♥

Whee, got to take a picture with the birthday girl!
Apart from my stupid eyebags, I really ♥ this picture to the max!

lol I think kailing took this,
here got less eyebag so probably nicer -,-

haha, the birthday girl always gets all the flashes!

Pjing with her minion ♥

Chit chatting outside because outside food is not allowed in starbucks, sad case.
but still, fun! :)

Pjing was playing with her laptop and the minion ballon was beside her :)

viv and kailing ♥

hahaha, I think this was a funny combination xD

Some form 3 students were there too,
they were celebrating meng kiat's (meng zjun's brother) birthday! lol
and he was so good belanja pjing one slice of cake because she was the birthday girl, and we all didn't have. xD
Suddenly he came asking about untung rugi something like that and the account pro was teaching him, and his friend.

hahaha, doing something real funny :P

double ♥

triple ♥

hahaha of course I must take a picture with this lovely balloon ♥

kailing ♥


I think this picture looks cute!

Photographed by Pjing and I like it alot, (apart from the dirty glass)
you can see the reflection of minion in the glass so clearly, love it!

By the way two of us are interested to attend some photography class :P
does it sound lame? *-)

Once again,
Happy Birthday Pjing ♥ You will always be one of my bestest friends :)

Then three of them went back for tuition class,
so left pjing and I and jiunn how came.

So three of us were studying reading magazine and crapping in starbucks, so relaxing :)  
I have always missed these moments.


* * * * * * *

Well, sejarah paper was finally over.
I was so glad but at the same time,
I was feeling really sinful because I actually promised myself not to refer to any stupid soalan bocor this time,
but I still did that because I really couldn't finish my revision.
Like what Eric said, sejarah is not a one day stuff,
you needed like at least weeks to finish them.

And I was stucked halfway in chapter 9 Form 4.
I still had one chapter to finish form 4 syllabus and the whole form 5 chapters to go.
Wah siao meh, I CONFIRMED couldn't finish everything.
so I broke my own principle <---- shitest thing ever.
There is no such thing called principle in me okay. -,- sigh*

May God forgive my sins,
I really

hahahaha, whatever, it was over and I am going to have my nice sleep later.

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