Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Don't Drive To Singapore

Daddy decided to drive all the way down to Singapore.
Yea, I know it's very near but it takes time too.

I had nothing to do in the car,
so I was twittering using my mom's bb!
Know what, facebook-ing in bb is really nice! 
The pictures are huge and clear :) 
Viewing blogs too, everything is shown like in the computer.

stopped by at JB to have dinner here.

And, got a lot of procedures to do.
Quite mafan, I think flying to singapore is too much easier, and faster.

After round and round and round at the same place,
we finally found the way to our hotel.
The roads were quite complicated and confusing to me ;P

checking in,

Decided to go to Chinatown after settling down.
hahaha, camwhored first :P

Yes, it was Albert Court Village Hotel.

We had another dinner in the hotel.

the environment was pretty good ;)

and the food was nice too!

After that only dad drove to Chinatown.
We had tang yuan there.

See, if we took a plane there maybe we could go to more interesting places.

But I was feeling very good escaping from the not-studying-stress.

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