Thursday, September 30, 2010

The birthday month ends happily ♥

She's a cute friend :)

She's super straight forward :P

She's nice and charming! :)

She's super sampat as well :P



Finally it's your birthday as it too marks the end of September :)

I am really glad to get to know you girls, remember, we must hang out more! ;)
hahaha, and if only both of us are together, we will definitely go for fooood!
wheeee, really missing those moments :)

♥ love you ♥

and also,

Happy Birthday to my cousin brother, Ivan :)

* * * * *

I am quite exhausted now because add maths brainstormed me.

Paper one was fine, easy :)

But paper two was more difficult, especially the front part.
I thought I was not going to complete my paper in time
but luckily the questions behind were easier, so I did faster xD haha!

If I manage to get an A+,
I'll ............
I don't know what will I do because it seems so impossible to me haha!
*dream on*

Biology tomorrow, kill me better, I hate it! :(
I rather everyday taking add maths papers I also don't want biology, physics and chemistry.
Go to hell :'(
You make my life miserable.

But, if I think on the brighter side,
the second week of trial is coming to an end,
one more day to go then I can breathe a little. :)
I can't wait!

Time, please go faster now, can you?

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