Saturday, September 11, 2010

Clear your mind

at the beeeach!

It was still my second day in Singapore.

Can you see what's written there?

Well, that was the only beach we could find in Sentosa. lol.

the scenery was not bad, but I think redang's one nicer.
I have always missed that place.

I didn't have fun, because I didn't want to mess myself up.
I was just standing there enjoying the breeze.

Then, we went for the cable car (oh no me no like)

I was so scared so I grabbed the holder beside tightly all the way to and back and never let go. -,-
OMG, the ride was torturing me.

and the 2 way ride was actually taking a very long time! wth.

phew, after that had my favourite new zealand mint choc kisses ice-cream!!!! :D

and, had lunch at SUBWAY :) me likey!

We also went for the 4D stuffs.
First was 4D extreme log ride! Woah, that was aweeesomeee and cool :)
My sister and I shouted all the way on the ride like madness because memang shuang! :P

Then was Pirate 4D,
this one was not so exciting but not bad too :)

hahaha, went back to the Siloso Beach because little brother insisted to go there.

This time,

oh no, I should not have posed like that. OMG.

SPM SPM SPM, may the seawater washes you away.

and my 5 INGs! :) ♥
this one,
no matter how far the water brings you away from me,
you guys will always be in my heart.
So, don't worry! hahaha ;P

before leaving,

went to Chinatown *again* for dinner.
This time, we had tong shui :)

then daddy saw a not-so-bad-looking korean food,
so we went in and had my favourite super yummilicious Ginseng Chicken Soup!

again, another foodshop attracted our attention and we bought egg tarts and 老婆饼.
OMG, the egg tarts were soooooooooooo gooooooood until we purposely went to buy 18 of them again the next day.
It was superb!

wheeee good :)

oops, do you notice that I had changed my clothes?
hahahaha, I think I forget to mention that after the beach we settled ourselves down in the hotel then only we came out for dinner. lol.

* * *

sigh, my study progression is very very slow. help!

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