Monday, September 27, 2010

I'm Seventeen!

my birthday was last wednesday and I am updating about it so long after.


My fruity tuity!
super yummilicious I tell you, best fruit cake I had ever had.

Oh I miss my birthday already. :)

I ♥ my cake!
Can I have more? :P

Hahaha family pic but my sis was blurred.

With flash was better but the people organization was a bit weird.

Haha, singing birthday song.
Worst part, because I did not know what to do.
So clapped hands together. XD

Making my precious wishes!
One year once lor, haha I'm super greedy one.

Blowing the candles, and there it went, I was seventeen.

P/S: picture not edited I didn't know why it turned out to be like that. haha!
but I like it because you couldn't really see me :)

Okay, this was clear.

Daddy and I ♥

Not only the superb fruits topping, but among the layers there were so many different kind of nice fruits mixed together, super yummilicious!
Plus, the fruit cream was sooooo nice, I didn't know how they made it :P


* * * * * *

Well, here comes the second week of trial exam.
And it will be the most torturing week ever.
Sejarah, Add the bloody hell maths, Biology,
I can faint because of these three stupid subjects.

I didn't know how am I going to cope with so many chapters of sejarah, so many facts, so many weird long names, weird places which I never heard before, weird facts which I think they are so not true! HMPH.

Whatever lah, just wish myself good luck or else I got to die getting C.

read the newspaper today,
and one of the reports is like that

Hahaha, so funny but I agree with that statement.
Like eating bread, I always believe that eating too much of breads will lead to bread faces XD

K lah k lah,
I shall stop crapping.

Good luck guys :)

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