Friday, September 3, 2010


Sweetie En and Tracy bought me this at the Cinderella Concert.

And it was quite expensive, like rm10? -,-

Anyway, thank you girls :)

This really made my day muackx!

* * * * *

School today was fine.

There was a talk on Presentation Skills for some of the form 5 students.

And honestly, I quite like the speaker.
He's good in talking.
But there is one thing funny about him,
his voice is so high-pitched until most of the time it's broken.

So we were imitating him behind :P hahahaha!
It was fun!

By the way, what he said is very true.
Communication is very important and
miscommunication leads to misunderstanding.

And he asked, why nokia put this smiley faces into the handphone texting programme?
My answer was: "because they are cute lah!"
But in actuality they can prevent misunderstanding in communication,
which I find it quite true :)

That's all for today.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (but sadly it's not for me)

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