Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I want longer hair

Had a haircut, hahaha!

But I prefer longer hair because I have really curl hair at the tail part.

So at least longer hair can cover a bit.

Whatever lah, it will grow long.

And I bet I will beh tahan go cut again x)

I really cannot stand too-long-hair, so irritating for my head to carry such a heavy thing. :P

* * * *

well, it's September!

Wow, time really FLIES.

I still remember the first day I stepped into form 4, and I was so stressed up until I cried in the class, so embarrassing! lol.

Trial is in this month, my birthday also is in this month. Stupid one they clash together -,-

So I guess I am not going cannot enjoy my birthday this year already :( so sad.

By the way, in my conception, September is the BIRTHDAY MONTH! :DDDD

mine, pjing, vivian, mun jie, brother, cousins, uncle, shao qian and lots more especially girls :) wheee!

it's the birthday month, so it


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