Thursday, September 23, 2010


My birthday was over ;) And I had a happy one although I was having trial exam at the same time.

Here, I would like to express my gratitude to the people who really made my day superb! :)

6S - En, Tracy, Zhangyik, Eric, Weileong, Shaoqian, Rongkai, Yungwen, Yenpeng, Boonkeong, Beeying ♥ Thanks a lot for the mooncake, birthday song, adorable t-shirt, memorable album, apple perfume, dark circles roll-on, the sweet card and my favourite rocky! ♥ Thanks a lot and I am really glad to have you guys, buddies forever! ♥

Him ♥ Thank you for the ride, Korean BBQ, clothes, secret recipe hazelnut cheese cake, necklace, lovely purse, cute bag, the anklet, the honey drink and the card! ♥ Thanks a lot muah! ♥

My little sister ♥ Thanks a lot for the super kiddy presents! hahaha I don't think I'll use them but still appreciate them :) ♥

En and Tracy - my musketeers ♥ Thanks a lot for the superb breakfast, the apple sweet frame and the wallet picture! ♥ I love you girls, you always know that :D ♥

Tracy ♥ for the little warming note! ♥

Thuan song ♥ for the birthday note! ♥

Zhihan, Nyeehuey, Hueykhim, Zhiyin, Yingjing ♥ for the random presents! thank you very much and don't worry I don't find it han suan :) ♥

Vivian ♥ Thank you dear for the super nice book! :) I love it lots lots lots! I love you tooooooo :D ♥

Classmates ♥ for the birthday song, I am really happy! ♥

Ballet babes - especially Jinyen, Meishuen, Rachel, Yiqian, Shuning, Ryane, Phoebe, Queenie and Yiching ♥ Super thank you for the birthday song! You guys surprised me really! :D if you want chocolate, hiak hiak no problem I can bring for you, *if you want lah :P much loves. ♥

My beloved daddy ♥ Thanks a lot for the message, I have never received something like that "Daddy will cook best for you. Happy Birthday to you." Muackx! Thank you daddy! :) and for the dinner, that was perfect! I had 长寿面 with abalones. ♥

Daddy, mummy, sisters, brothers ♥ for the fruity tweety cake! ♥

My sister ♥ for the simple but awesome card :) ♥

Pjing ♥ Thanks a lot dear for the birthday blog post! I am really happy to know you :D I couldn't imagine how my life will be if I never know you, it must be very awful! hahaha :) ♥

En ♥ for the song dedication :) much loves! friends for life. ♥

The people who texted me on my birthday - A super thank you to Kherching babe, Zhihan, Hongkah, Chankit, Jiawei *sim, Olivia, Pjing babe, Yewhong, Jiawei *tan, Munjie babe, Jiunnhow, Vivian babe, Sister, Engseng, Hongyee, Jaylyn sweetie, Soonsiong, Ahma, Yenpeng babe, Tracy babe, Jason, Daddy, Zhangyik, Hengshen, Jilyne and En babe ♥ Hahahaha I know it's not many but don't laugh at me, I am really happy! :D ♥

The people who wished me on facebook - Kherching, Huiying, Huini, Karwai, Chien, Boonhua, Peiyin, Boonze, Weeminn, Jiunnhow, Beeying, Xiaotian, Tenghan, Edwardpoh, Jinyen, Liwen, Cheejit, Wannjhiun, Ruiyun, Renlin, Pjing, Inging, Desmond, Pekkuan, Zhiching, Bryan, Lawrence, Juwei, Siauling, Chearyong, Khaiteng, Jaylyn, Henglin, Yannherng, Hongkah, Puanong, Yongkooi, Evon, Celine, Loonliang, Serjay, Weeliang, Eason, Weiqin, Xiaoteng, Zeahxhing, Nick, Amanda, Browyn, Jiaen, Yewkeat, Ahboon, Jiawei, Thuansong, Hueyjing, Layching, Boonloong, Xinee, Xinyi, Sherlin, Sheryuan, Eric, Simyee, Aunty Kimkian, Meiteng, Birdy, Xuanhui, Howtze, Zhihan, Pamela, Rachel, Ryane, Yiqian, Olivia, Aaron, Kexin, Chuanliong, Szeming, Xiaoshuang, Michelle, Engseng, Meishin, Weileong, Jilyne, Billy, Ahma, Justin, Hengwei, Zhixiang, Svenja, Weichin, Charlotte, Shumin, Wency, Taiwei, Kylie, Yinyee, Jinying, Yeemun ♥ I know I am very stupid to type this out but I am grateful to you guys for all the birthday wishes :) And, I am sorry I just choose randomly because I don't have the super ability to go check every names. I am sorry, and super thank you! ;) ♥

The people who wished me in school, face to face! :D

A special thanks to all the people listed above, I really love you guys ;)
You made my day awesome in another simple way :)

I will always remember.

Much lovessssss! ♥


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