Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Aim for what?

Let's say,


Nahhhhhh, talking nonsense ignore me.
I will never get A+ except for maths hoho!

Well, today had real simple papers.
Moral and PJK. (okay can ignore the second one haha)
I was soooo sleepy during the exam because the paper was so tedious.
From question one to ten were all the same, asked nilai lah, kesan lah, langkah lah, and whatever lah -,-

I kept falling asleep ishh!
PJK even worse, I was actually sleeping when I was blackening the square spaces.
so sibeh sien.
cannot tahan -,-

Well, now I really know,
when one does super fast for a paper,
either he is pro already, or he doesn't know how to do at all.
I think when you don't know how to do you will complete the paper faster.
I never experienced this during form 3,
but now I really know. haha!

Anyway, I hereby wish




(faster get a 70 mark then come back)
I know you miss home.


Toasted bread is sooooo crunchylicious, me love!

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