Monday, September 21, 2009

You shitty !

Don't think that you are sooo pretty!?

You just look like SHIT. smell like SHIT. act like SHIT. @.@

You're soooo EGO, the way you walk really makes me Laugh. XDDD

And you are still walking in that way. soooo Geliii you know?

When you need me, you treat me soo good lah. but when you don't, you act like you are the queen of everybody. Omg, i feel like vomittingggg !

When something bad happens, the first thing you do is putting the blame on me although it's non of my business at all ! Stop accusing me that way ! I can't bear with that anymore. If you don't like people treating you like that, then keep your tails and treat people like the way you wish people would treat you. Get me clear !? @.@

You pissed us off ! Grrrrr...

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