Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My birdday. =)

Yesterday, I had a really great time with the love ones. =))) hahaha. In the afternoon, daddy brought us to D Tavern for lunch. Wooohoooo ~~ =P

the birdday girl. =P
still not fully awake i think.

brother, mom, sista.

si lang heng.

well, this was better =)

sister and I. =)
thanks for your cake.

sister, daddy and I. -,-
shopaholic !
Dai Ka Jie.

After that, we headed to the very familiar place. --,-- Because we had no where to go.

nah, this was it. xD

Konichiwa =)
sister loved this tee.
tadaaa , my present from sister. xp

i guess this picture made us looked more alike.

yeah, i love this.
Because, you can't see me ! =D

Aha, nothing to do there. Normal lah. Then daddy sacrificed his precious time and money and asked us to go have fun at greenbox. Haha, he somemore agreed to treat my friends for the three hours inside. Too bad, only two of them came. But nevermind, at least they came =) Thank you !
first was VIVIAN. =DDD

vivian and I.
Ignore my face. xp

little brother: mummy, can you hold the mic by yourself!?

little BOSSIE.

hahaha, my face was exactly like this, when i was five or six.

me me me me me me meeeee.

my brother only knew how to Say Peaceee =)

there, saying peace again.

shy shy huh.

Aduiii, five years old brother said peace you also peace. xp


vivian and IIIII. =)
my eyes were terrible. -,-

emo heng xp

hahaha, soo cute. =)

pretty vivian, my bestyyyy =D

halooo daddy, can you come here faster.
I am waiting for youu.
he said that. =)

wooo, rojak, po piah, hiang piah.

like papa, like son.

vivian and I, take 1.
Too dark, fail.

take 2.
still dark. -,- still fail.

take 3.
blur nya. xp fail. =P

Okay, the atmosphere wasn't very high. -,- xD hahaha. Nevermind, after that we had our dinner. Daddy forced bk to stay for the dinner. -,- zzzzzz. hahahaha.
Sakae sushi.
cutieeeee =D

erm, this was the first time vivian ate SUSHI. @.@
Unbelievable. hahaha.
so this was the first dish she tried.
she ate only one of them. xp

she daren't eat. =x

Well, sushi was not bad. My day was perfectly greatttt . =) hehehe. Thank you to my beloved family and friends. Thank you =) xie xie ni men. I guess you all were very boredddddddd huh. Anyway, i just love you all so much! =)
My birdday ended. Nothing special. =)

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