Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Worst performance ever.

I seldom perform, but this would be the worst performance ever. xD I practised for not even more than three times, and never practise the steps at my position, i just got up the stage like that. Luckily nothing serious went wrong, i was just confused of the big and small circles on the stage. =x Banyak mempersiasuikan. Here's some pictures from http://www.iampjingxp.blogspot.com/ =)

three of us. =)
we filled our tummy before performing.
vivian and pjing =D

pjing and I =D

three of us, again. =D

all of us. xD

at flavor, centro.

Yummilicious mashed potato. =D
obviously, i enjoyed with the girls, A LOT. =D

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