Thursday, September 17, 2009


Late update.

On Monday, sister and I went to this place. Purpose - you know what =(

very familiar logo.

the environment was just perfect to me. =D

the view from inside was not bad too.

shepherd's pie.

Caffe Latte.

Pia Cheh.

a big sigh for her.

stupid six-year-old's drawing.

more artistic, i guess. sister drew this.

that was true. xD

Again, seven-year-old's drawing.

Ignore this, i was just pretending to study.

hahaha. this was true - relaxing and eating lollipop, lemon flavour. Yum yum.

Tuesday - i failed to study, i just did some homeworks. =x
so familiar pool.

and the familiar path.

and the familiar room. xD
spot my tiny figure. =D

was having my early dinner.

once upon a time.
And i miss those time.

chiang chiang --- sister !

Deng deng, ME ! =D

honestly, i was completing March homeworks.

Wednesday, i went to the same place, for the same purpose.
ahhhh, i feel so comfy here. =)

our early dinner again.

And i would NEVER eat this anymore.

Well, that day i was very tired. And i fell into unconsciousness until my mum came to fetch me back. xD Not planning to study during these days, i want to fully enjoy the precious one week break. =D WOOOHOOO.
I miss my friends.
Eric, please be patient. okay? =D

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