Thursday, September 17, 2009

as you wish. =)

First, i don't remember which day. Second, i don't really know what this word means. =x

Well, this is the very first present i receive for my birthday this year. It's very early, and it's very "special". -,- hahahaha. xD

Okay, i shall roughly explain what's the word "Paloi" stands for. Seriously, it's a rude word. =x but i don't know how rude is it. Anyone knows what it means? xD tell meeeee if you do, because i am afraid that it might be tooo Rude. =x *sigh*

When we are angry, we will read this out loud. =x hahahaha. *zippppp* And one day, very very angry day, eric found his transparent perspek was no longer useful, so he wrote them down for me. xp haha. It was lame, i know. But thanks to him also lah, he used a permanent marker pen to write, and he still rewrote them for me when his handwriting looked cacat-ed. =x hahaha.

another glance here. s.s

Erhem, thanks to ERIC lah. =D hahaha.

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