Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Spent my whole day outside from home. hahahaha. xp ah feel Gooooood =D

after school, went to eric's place to prepare our biology presentation. -,- Quite fun lah, we laughed a lot. =D hahahahahaha. And, i got to eat somemore ! SO NICE. After that, i headed to AEON to meet my sista there. OMG, finally i can go shoppinggggggggggggggg =D okay besides shopping, i also got to eat my favourite finger licking KFC cheezzzyy wedges. =)))) and yummilicious new zealand natural mango passion flavour ice-cream. lastly, secret recipe cheeeeesee cake. =D *slurps* Yummy yummy!

=DDDDDDDD *pjing, hope that you like my present. =)

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