Sunday, September 27, 2009

great gathering.

well, to achieve Satu 4S1, we decided to hold a gathering. =) I started my day at 9 in the morning. Went there with eng seng.

bak kut teh.

the other five boys.

meeihuey, bkee, olivia. =D

the other four girls.

captured olivia. xp

cute meeihuey and pretty bee =)

After that, we went to news ktv at kp.
onzhixiang banyak enjoy ni.

janice and olivia =)

cheeseng, engseng and khoonkheng.

woohooo =)
put your hands together for bee and mh!!!

I went back early. They went for bowling after that. =) I came back at 7 something.
tanglung. =)

at bali pond. nice place. =)

pretty girl jessie.

ruiyun, weiqin, and weihoong. xp

raychiaszeming. =)

suyee, suelyn, wanqiao =)

hahaha, kit-ing fishball from him.

twin brothers.

ka chiak.

pengerusi persatuan Buddha.

bee and thuansong. =D


the puppy lovers.

sharing is caring. =)

i hate to debate something with him.
guarantee lose.

yi lin and mei cheng's sister.

the atmosphere. =)

puppyyyy. -,-

from left to right
zhixiang, suyee, chunglun, wanhuay.


down, zhixiang and I
sitting, suyee and wanhuay.

meeihuey, raychia, ruiyun.



ps : they are not couples hah.

people everywhere.

group picture.
so blur, the photographer changed my setting. -,-

game time.
jessie, engseng, bee =)

listening to instructions.

she sang. xp
pretty vivian.
she ate watermelons.
so lucky.

mei cheng.
thank you =D

he ate watermelons also. -,- how lucky.

i think she needed to pecahkan balloons. xp

loon wern and the emcee of the night.

erm, dare not spell her name here.
cham cham.

she couldn't carry this big one.

so, she carried a thinner one. xp

sue lyn.
star jumped.

the hardest punishment for him.

haih, now i know how bad i know my classmates. =x banyak xia sui. LOL.
Anyway, went back early that night because sister wanted to go back earlier. whatever, i was exhausted. =)
Happy Lantern Night. *simple updated* sorry.


  1. aww....really xia sui lo...
    my photo so ugly...=.='''
    anyway,it was a happy night for me.