Saturday, September 12, 2009

Relaxing study hours.

Rare post. I seldom post so many pictures. =x Hahaha. By the way, they take times to load. So if you are interested to see the pictures, do kindly be Patient. =) Thank you.

Simple, you know from my title - Relaxing study hours. We were studying =P Wahahaha.


Caramel Macchiato. nice figure =)

my second round. xD fat oh!

the atmosphere.

Yummilicious ! they are sweet =)

Erhem. *

Caramel macchiato, Caramel hot chocolate, Java chips, Mocha and Caffe Latte. *

Five drinks. =D

Kindly presented :



Mummy LimPeeJing


Lame picture.

KC and Viv. =)

Vivian and I =)

Peejing and Kherching.

You know who.

She's blur. xD

Oopsie, caught ya. xp Nice figure anyway =)

woohooo =) Diligent girls.

erm, I looked Cacat-ed.

you're blocking her.

ah, the ever best friends. =)

we all love this picture =)

oh, the ever best twin. =D


Bright and Dark.

Hiak Hiak, caught you two =P

two. Cute.

three. Baby =D
It's F.O.C. =) and we have three !

Okay, time to prove they were studying.
Kherching, proven.
Peejing, proven. =)

Kailing, proven ! =D

All the best.

I was not proven. I complained the boredom and kailing created some stuffs. =D
This is her. Envy her tidy and shiny teeth =E

and this is me. =) Ignore my disorderly arranged teeth. =x

Sorry for the simple captions. Now i understand how painful and suffering is it to upload pictures. =( Well, i need to resize one by one and rotate them into the right position. Omg, so much works.
Anyway, i know my girls are very looking forward to seeing these pictures. =)
* * *
Obviously, I studied the least. =( I don't know how my results are going to deteriorate. I might have nightmares these days. =( But ! I'm not giving up. I am just Slow. =P hahaha.
All the best to the PMR and SPM candidates, and of course, also US. =D hahaha.
Never give up. Nothing is Impossible.

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