Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Happy Burfday Sweety. =)

Today is 300909 =D hehehehe. It's SMILEY's sweet 16 =D hahahaha.

Well, yeeshern planned to treat her lunch after school. And all of us went together. =) WOOHOO.

Birthday Girl. =)

Kailing brought this nut.
and we found a L.O.V.E. shape inside. =)
so nice. and sweet.

aiyorrr, talking also can pose like that. xp

birthday girl and kherching. xp
the two most zilian girls. -,- zzz. xD

sweet girls. =)
SAMPAT as well.


fatty bom bom.

our favourite. =D

the guys.

pi heng. xS

okay, kailing said her chopsticks wanted to join too.

they ate nothing. zzz.


Vivian and Pjing. =D

hehehehe. =D

envy her ... HANDPHONE. xP


smiled a sweet smile. =)


woohoo, we ate this much.

kherching and our birthday star. xp

hahaha, kailing decorated the tower.

all of us. =)
Take 1.

from the left. mary go round.
chuanliang, yeeshern, bk, sp, kl, kc, pj, birthday girl, chearyong, hongyee.
aha, and sehlok the photographer.

hahaha. My belated birthday present. xpppp
anyway, thank you kherching =D
I Love You. =)

V.I.V.I.A.N. vivian ! =D

emo heng.

soooo COLD. xp

emo, emo, dai. xp

Lollllllllllllll, vivian said : thank you yeeshern for the sushies. =D hahaha. SO NICE. After that, went to BIG APPLE for donutsss. =D hehehehe.
Happy Birthday again Vivian, you are really a great friend. =) Glad to be your besty and, be a SMILEY always, and forever. =) Love you. hehehe.
Have a sweeeeeeeet sixteen! =D

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