Sunday, September 20, 2009

Early birthday celebration.

Thank you to my buddies for celebrating my 16th birthday with me. =) I appreciate them a lot. =) hahaha.

Well, morning we went to take KTM to Subang Jaya.

Zhang Yik. xp

we went to gasoline for lunch.

Si en and my birthday card. xp
*five-year-old drawing*
it means a lot to me.

Attendants. =) Thank you.

zy and bk.

en and eric.
this is my noodle soup. NOT NICE.

tadaaa =P i love this picture because you can't see me.

she says : thank you.


i hurried because i ate very slow.

we were almost late for the movie.
and i hadn't finish mine.
so i left it like that.
wasted huh. =(

En En. xD

After that, we went for the movie - "Tsunami". Omg, i rated 5/5. It was a Korean movie and there were very little people in the theatre. It was soo sad but touching. Si en and I cried like anything. xp I love that.
Actually planning to go redbox but the price at that time was too expensive for us, so we changed to go for a bowling. =p
heh heh. Kan wo de.

Si en ! xp

what a stupid pose. -,-

zhang yik, yung wen and boonkeong.
they looked tall in this picture. xp


pay to wash the drain for them.

Kindly present you:



* the ball slanted to the left* =(

bowling. =)

I watched it rolling into the longkang. -,-

my ball rolled very slow, so i waited there patiently to see my 'fabulous' result. =p

nah, my result. so many dashes lah.
But i still managed to Strike once in the second game. =P

E stands for eric, B for boonkeong, and S is me. =P
hahaha, two balls at once.

actually the greenball was stucked there.

although she was the lousiest in bowling, she was satisfied. =D

haha =D money money come come !

the four guys. owh, so CLOSE =D

the only girls. En and I.

After two games, we left. They went to buy my present. =P lol, thank you !
present from Xixili!
Hahaha, you know what would be inside the bag.
And i had a 'great' and 'unforgetable' experience in the fitting room with en and a pregnant assistant. =x

four emo heng.

I was very Happy. =) thank you.

you were strong eric.

zhang yik was stronger. xp

hahaha, present from them.

9-years-classmate. =D
all of us were hungry. =x
Then, we went back to Klang town by bus.
ahaha, they formed a perfect line.
and i ruined the figure.

tadaaa. Five of us. Yungwen left.
Best brother. =D
From left, vice chairman, chairman and secretary of PBC.

The day hadn't end yet. =x Lolx, we went for a steamboat dinner at Bukit tinggi 2. hahaha. xp actually, i was exhausted already. But i still laughed alot.

we dumped everything inside. =p

Woohooo, kai dong looo !

Ignore the background. xp
the way sien held chopsticks was weird. agree?

the late-comers.
Tracy and longtimenosee-Suatxiang.
Thank you for coming on that day =D

three of us wore red tees. =D

the guys. Only three of them XD
tracy, suatxiang, me and yenpeng. =D

The girls. =D
Five of us !
Take 1.

take 2.
hehehe, for the first time, the number of girls was more than guys in our gatherings.

skinny, blackie andddd biggy. xp

Then, they surprised me with a homemade-cake. =) Sien and Tracy made it. Thank you soo muchieee friends. =) hehehe. It was a chocolate cheese cake. Yummy. =D

the actual colour.
It looked like a huge oreo biscuit huh. xp
all the steamboat-attendants.
thank you guys. =D


Actinggggggggg. -,-

why you licked it !? xp hahaha.
They looked so busy.
Calling girlfriends. xp hahaha.
I was just joking. =x
When i got back home, another homemade-cake was waiting for me. xp family made it. =) hehehe. Thank you tooo alll of you. I had a great day!
nahh, there you are.
banana strawberry chocolate cake. xp

Ermm, I was so touched. Other than thank you, i don't know what i suppose to say already. =) hehehe. I'm wordless.
Really thank you, you guys made my 16th birthday memorable and sweet. =)
Happy Early Birthday to myself. =)

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