Thursday, September 24, 2009

Happy birthday my ever besty! =)

the clock finally strikes twelve. =)

Happy Birthday to you PeeJing!!! =D My ever besttttty ! =) hehehe. I love youuuu. =P hehehe.

Well, know you since form 1. =) guess you are the very first best friend i had in secondary school. =) hehehe. I still remember three years back, we were classmates, and not very close. Then, coincidentally, we joined the same uniform body. =) hehehe. Then, every saturday we went to school for activities and became closer. Owhh, that time, you and I had one similarity - Love to MELEPAK after twelve. xp hahaha. Then when the commander always said "jangan melepak-lepak dan balik rumah masing-masing" xp we would definitely look at each other and smiled a broad smile. =DDD hahaha.

and remember? both of us did something really very funny and stupid when we were in form 1. =x hahahaha. Memang silly and blur. I wouldn't forget that incident.

And then i see you changing. =) from long hair to short hair. xD No lahhh, hahaha. last time you were quite kinnasai, and now, very mature teen. =) hehehe.

Once upon a time. =)
trolley + mc flurry our most favourite mcD ice-cream. =)

babies =)

we played here and met a little girl.


Bukit cahaya. =D
still remember that day we didn't know where to take a bus. -,-
long journey. =D

we rode in a truck !! hahaha.
chi kek. xp

and now. =)

study time
seem a little sleepy. both of us =D

we always perform together. =)

and hang out together. =)

I appreciate our friendship. =) I am glad that it is still firm and sweet. =) hehehe. Thank you for being my friend, my best friend pjing. =) I love youu !! hehehe.
Have a great day on your big day and be cheerful and smile always. =D yeayyy ! hehehe. Live your life to the max., i know you always do. =)
wo ai ni. =D

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