Thursday, September 17, 2009


oh-ho, today is the last day of schooling for this week. =D wahahaha, i am sooo happy. That's why i can see everything optimistically in school today. =)

Today is HAPPY. =D hahaha. I fall asleep in class before school. when i open my eyes, kc, kl and viv are there =D hahaha. They come to give me some little things which make me feel so SWEET, and it make me a DAY. =) thank you darling, I luv you all !

I really like that alot. =)

Add on, thank you to the QMs for your "song" ya. -,- hahahaha. It's funny. =P

In class, we plan and plan and plan, a lot of things. =) hahaha. I am sooo looking forward to the coming of those events. OMG, i'm excitedddd =D oh ya, i am soo excited, another reason is - my day is coming !!!!! yay ~ and so as pjing and viv =)

Oh, i can't wait. =)

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