Tuesday, September 1, 2009

a brief update.

Um, well, say bye bye to August, and here comes SEPTEMBER =D hahaha. I love this month, I just love it so much. Hahaha.

I'm here to announce that my holiday mission INACCOMPLISH. =( I actually have twenty over homeworkssss are not done yet, and i plan to finish all of them by August. Who knows, my laziness drag the job till school reopens. only when teachers say that we must submit them, then i'll be very gan jiong completing them on the spot. -,- hahaha. xD i guess i've completed more than five homeworks today in class. Great achievement! =P I should be more hardworking last time. Padan Muka Saya.


Yesterday we, the girls had OUTING ! =D wooohoo, i love outings. hehehe. I was not supposed to leave my desk because of the Forever-never-done-homeworks. Nevermind. We went to greenbox first, then movie. OMG, i'll never watch horror movies anymore unless there are really funny people there to make the horror movie funny =P Ish, is so embarrasing to scream when other people are not screaming in the theatre. -,- I can only describe myself a COWARD. -,- sedikit sedikit pun takut dah. Gosh.

Suddenly i received a phone call from eric. He told me wendy was going to hold a suprised birthday party for JIL. =) YEAH, of course i am going. *i just forgot about my homeworkss* I thought they guys would be coming as well, who knows, semua orang ffk. -,- luckily jil was talking to me, if not i'm going to kill them all when i see them in school. xD

SEPTEMBER, god bless me, to have a better month. =) PEACE.

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