Monday, September 21, 2009

Dear brother.

Dear brother,

Take my advice, think with your "big" brain before you speak. You know, speaking without any consideration hurts.Daddy loves you, and how you treat him? You only know how to complain and say that he's unfair to you, he don't sayang you. What lah you. He spends so much time, money and energy on you, because you are L.O.A. you know. Please lah, behave yourself. If daddy is not there, i would just give you two big slapssss! Saya sudah tak boleh tahan YOU. Since you were six years old, you were very rebellious. I hate you and I know i shouldn't, so I always try to endure with your stupid temper. Until now, you are old enough to thinkkkkkk properly. So can you just please thinkkkkkkk with your brain!???? or you don't have brain? Urghh...


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