Friday, September 18, 2009

a very Pleasant Day. =)

Well, we gathered for the last time before kailing flew off to china. =) Here are the Picturesss, again, they take times to load, please be patient. =) thank you.

Friday morning, went for BAK KUT TEH.

okay, erm, the "professional" was making the tea. =)

our peejing mummy =)

kinnasai kherching. =P

sweet kailing. =D

klang town's reputation.

kc, kl and sp =D Yummilicious !

eat more kherching. =)

owh, she does look sweet, doesn't she?

okay, you can ignore this.

ahhhhhh - ummmmmm.

the left side girl was eating non-stop. xD

i think this table was considered very clean already. =x

awww, poor wasted tea-leaves.

pj and kc.

you looked bored huh.

this girl was proud of herself. =D

i love you, kailing =D

i was here to announce that both of you are husband and wife. =P

the perfect one after N times of NG. xD

aww, they were excited ! very.

okay, calming down is a good thing. xD

the superb singer *for me* in 2005. so CUTE. =D

five of us. =D and it forms a perfect star.
sexy backs. xD

the tall girls.
at Oreef. =)

siao poSS. xD hahaha. Love them !

enjoy your time. =)

you will be the first to drive among us.
vivian. =)
cutie. =)

kailing and I. =D

I love this picture so much ! it's Beautiful. =)
four of them. =) I love you girls.

vivian, pj, kl, kc.
woohoo, so nice light effect.

girls, take one. =) fail - blur.

take 2. not so good.

take three. Ohno. -,- imperfect.
After that, we watched "where got ghost?". Erm, nothing much to say about that. I enjoyed my popcorn alot. =P hahaha.
before the movie commenced.

pjing and IIIII =D

vivian and I =D
kc and kl on the left side.

and viv, sp, pj on the right. =)
After the movie, it was time to go. Vivian and I went back to aeon by taxi and then bus, and three of them went back together. =) Enjoy your trip kailing, we will be missing you alot ! =D
KFC. chezzzzyyy wedges. Yumyum.

New Zealand Natural.

Iceee-creamssss. =D

Cute vivian. Had a pleasant time with you. =)
thanks for making me a great afternoon.
oopsie, we went for shopping =D GREATEST time.

I love this picture a lot !
Vivian and I, friendship forever. =)
Love you, and be tough !
Smiley =)

Hahaha, i skipped my last form 4 BM tuition class. And the feeling was great. =x hahahaha.
Well, had a really nice time with them. =) I love you all, i think i mentioned it for many times already, and you knew it. Hehehe.
A great FRIDAY.

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