Sunday, January 2, 2011

Kek Lok Si

Class Graduation Trip Day 5

Before I continue with my entry, I am wishing everyone here a

Alright, I slept quite late the night before and woke up super early that day. the guys woke me up coz we girls were so pig! haha. Out of we four girls only I wanted to go watch the "sunrise" hahaha! but Janice said that if she could wake up then she would go but if she couldn't then I would be going with bing and cally the other two girls. haha! alright, I super get siao I know. Ended up, there were 8 of us going to the beach to watch the sunrise. haha! Me, Janice, Jiawei, Bing, Weeminn, Cally, Guanyee and Ahboon lol!

With the sleepy faces, we took some pictures before leaving the apartment.
ahboon, me and janice ♥

guanyee, jiawei, weeminn, bing and cally ♥

we didn't really know the way but luckily cally roughly remembered how to go. haha! but the pathway was soooo scary and dark. :S no lights along the way. ugh, so someone used her handphone lights. hehe!

it was very near actually, walking distance yea. the night was beautiful, the moon was super round and the moonlight was so bright and nice :) the reflection of moonlight was perfect seen in the sea and the ugly beach couldn't be seen so we thought that the beach was very pretty. hahaha!

look at the reflection ♥ the night was beautiful honestly.

but, it was horrible and eerie if we took a picture there. Especially me, everyone looked like those eerie thingy so kong bu can! but Janice and I took a pic with flash! haha I looked so lol :P

while waiting for the time to pass and the sun to rise, we sat down on the beach and talked a little and emoed a little and ... hahaha just did whatever we could do. T.T the time was so slow!

can you, can you, see the yellow dimmed sunlight?????? :P

hahahahahaha! You are cheated I am sorry! :P that was still moonlight. and slowly we realized that the sky behind us already so blue and yuan lai, the sun rises behind us, somemore behind the tall apartment ish blocked everything we couldn't see any sun! hahaha. so we were quite stupid to wake up so early and went there to see moonset and sunrise was behind us and blocked! hahaha nevermind we expected that actually. -,-

Went back to the apartment, laughing and talking about stupid ghosty stories. lol. we got some sleep before preparing to gather in the DOBI :P

Ugh, got off my bed. Prepared myself and

camwhored! ♥

Eric, Jiawei, Thuansong and I ♥ oh thuan song why you looked so emo? missing someone? yes! indeed!

took some pictures before getting on the bus ♥

Jiawei wanted to camwhore then I was sitting so near to them k lah, terus camwhore wahahaha!

we were going to visit the sleeping buddha and myanmar temple later. so we had our breakfast near there.

I had my favourite muachi! ♥

Penang Hokkien Mee ♥

um, forgot what was this :P

obviously it was char kuey teow ♥

tong zhi was around the corner so we had tang yuan! ♥

wan tan mee ♥

After breakfast we walked to the sleeping buddha temple and do some visiting and bai bai stuffs then to the opposite Burmese Buddhist Temple. hahaha! sorry just now I just direct translate mian dian shi to english. :P

my bao bei da jie vanessa ♥♥

Next was kek lok si!

okay, there were really many tortoises there. some looked real old.

We separated and I was with these people, wee minn, bing, vanessa, ahboon, kian siang and jiawei the photographer. haha! we decided to go up to the pagoda but the others didn't.

on the way to the pagoda, we bought this you deng and made a wish on behalf on 5S1 ♥

jia wei was the monitor so he kneeled and we stood bai bai-ing. lol! *forgive me I didn't know how to say bai bai in english hahaha!

pictures ♥

i don't know why I love this ♥ :P

in the pagoda ♥

we went to the guan yin xiang on the other side too. duh see we sooo wu xim :D haha! but we needed to ride a slunted cable car to go there!

with ah boon and jia wei :)

it was super hot! the weather was crazy!

After that, we quickly went down to meet chee seng and we had our asam laksa nearby before going back.

After that, we had a shopping session at Queensbay Mall ♥

group pic ♥

It was our last night for the graduation trip. Everyone gathered in our room and we had a talking session. ♥

me and eric ♥

okay, honestly, I admit that I cried that night because I was still quite freaked out due to en's incident. very kong bu! and I couldn't stand people talking about that I felt sooooooo freaked out. but I think others did cry too haha we were emo people! XD However, had a nice time with them :)

before going to bed, janice taught us to waltz! haha although was not the pro one, but as long as we dance ♥ just stand up and dance and we had lots of fun :) hahahaha! there was a video of me and ahboon demo dancing on facebook, the most important one was the conversation! hahaha but I know you guys heard nothing because everyone was keep laughing! bwahahaha!

look at the guys they squeezed until like that so pity but we four girls got a nice comfy bed to sleep on :D hahaha!

that night was still young, Thuan Song's horrible loud thundering engine started! bwahahaha we LMAO and janice and I couldn't sleep at all and keep laughing on bed then we beh tahan we just came out from the room and laughed with the guys! hahahahaha. while jessie and chia voon were sleeping soundly already. I bet they were really tired! those guys also very kiam pa one, somemore formed and orkestra and performed with thuan song! wahahahaha! you know how we went back to sleep later on? ah boon kiap zhu thuan song's nose to stop the engine for a while then janice and I quickly ran back to sleep and after we were asleep, we heard nothing bwahahaha!

Thuan song! you should go repair your engine hahaha! nah, just joking :P

I love you guys, I really had fun this time! ♥

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