Saturday, January 15, 2011

Gulliver's Travel

It was one day after prom night :) I accompanied my two brothers to Aeon for a random outing. hehe! Surprisingly, I met jessie and olivia and the gang there :) so, we took picture ♥ love them! hehe!


Then, I went to buy tickets for a movie later. Before the movie commenced, went to have BIG APPLE DONUTS ♥ now my favourite is, De La Cheese ♥ sounds nice, right? indeed!


look at my little brother, enjoying his donut ♥


he's so cute with his girlish hair :P


then both of them went to the pet lovers centre to see animals. oh, the place that I hate the most. so I left them there and went for a walk myself. this wa a picture my brother captured. I think it was so cute so I post it here to share :) sooooo cute right!


Then, POPCORN time ♥


We were watching Gulliver's Travel. Seriously, I didn't like this movie, I think it was so pointless omg I didn't know how to say. You watch it, then you know. but take my advice, don't watch this movie unless you have no choice. hahahaha! :P


Then saw a spiritual person blowing spiritual music, I love the music honestly ♥ :) it's very soothing.


There, I called it a day hehehe, simple but I was glad that I spent time with my siblings ♥


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