Monday, January 3, 2011

Random night out

It was one day after class trip. It was a Thursday. hehehe. That morning neng texted me to jio me go play badminton in my primary school that night. but, I couldn't play because I hurt my right foot one night before. sigh* know what happened? I was sooooooo tired after class trip. Then when I got home and when I was going down the stairs, I suddenly fell asleep and fell from 3 steps from the ground! oh nooooooooooo. It hurts kao kao! until now, I still could feel the pain sometimes. So I couldn't play but I would still join them :) haha! 

Zhangyik somemore told me that they were going to visit tracy the patient of course I was following lah! I brought my mint for her but it lost its water before reaching her house so I ate all of them -,- before going to her house, we had our dinner at Mr.Kaya first :)  

Then we visited tracy a while then only went to my primary school, which was my ex-ex-school! hahaha. oh no I suddenly feel that I am old already! -,-

went for a walk around the school compound with eric. don't worry I still could walk :P

the huge dataran

qin and his brother vs neng and zy! XD

qin and his brother

neng and zy they changed court, neng kept saying that he's pro but actually.... hahahahaha!

qin :)

eric's deformed face XD

qin and zy

perasan neng posing XD

zhangyik :)

I played a little with eric. because he could cope with me very well :) right sister!? hehehe. I told him I just wanted to stand and play. I didn't want to run around with my stupid foot. so he said alright so let's play! XD haha! but after a while I needed to go home already.

ending this very random entry with a shadow pic of eric and I :D

nevermind, this wednesday alright!

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