Thursday, January 20, 2011

Happy New Year!

It was new year day! :) Happy 2011! hehehehe. This was the first picture I took in 2011, with my brother :)


New Year was Kher Ching's birthday :) hehehe! so we went to chill at starbucks again. but, pjing and munjie reached first, so early in the morning. then viv and I came later in the afternoon and kailing and kher ching came even later. lol. went to have lunch with pjing and munjie because both of them waited for us for the whole morning and hadn't have anything yet and I woke up late with my empty stomach heh! 

went to the Chopsticks. ordered a soup, 


a healthy juice *pjing forced me to finish the whole thing, and yea, thanks to her I finished the whole thing :P


mun jieee! 


 pjing! :)

this was mine, lo mai kai :) 


After lunch, went back to starbucks. I thought that kher ching and kailing would be reaching already mana tau they hadn't. so I ordered my signature hot chocolate with whipped cream while waiting for them. hehe. 


then at 3 something in the afternoon finally both of them came! hehehe. we had lots of talking and I loved that :) hehehe! 

pictures were taken before going back :)

kailing and kherching :)


kailing went back first, so must give her a hug lah XD but I was standing too far from her so ended up taking this pek cek picture :P

wheeee, we said we must wear our jerseys out and everyone did except for that blurry Vivian Lim!!!!! duh, so she didn't want to take picture so she became our cameragirl. :) hehehe next time cannot forget liao!


this picture was real nice but too bad couldn't capture munjie beside me. and pjing was looking so pretty :) 


yeay with mun jie :) love them! 


Happy Birthday Ching :) hehehe! 

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