Thursday, January 6, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hahaha I didn't say that I am still in my christmas mood now. but I am about to blog about my christmas day last year. OMG, last year, it is already last year. -,- couldn't believe it time can just pass so fast!

Christmas Day morning, dad said wanted to have brunch in premiere hotel. I doubted a little that time. Because I think those super expensive places punya dim sun wouldn't taste nice or what. nevermind, I prepared myself and followed him to premiere. The parking lot was sooooo confusing. @@ Nevermind, the place was hard to find. no obvious sign to show us the way. nevermind, when we got into the restaurant, we sat down and waited for superrrrrrr long and no one dared to approach us and serve. what the hell, I was like raising my hands saying "excuse me excuse me" then the foreign worker will show you a super paiseh face and touched the person beside him asked him to approach us. then the person would do the same thing to the person beside him. -,-

Undeniably, the environment was not bad but the service was like sooo, fml. I still had that patience alright I waited and waited and I saw that the manager was doing his own stuffs in front of the computer. go to hell. then my dad was so angry already (he had very little patience only) he stood up and walked out of the restaurant. While he was walking out, the manager approached me and asked me for my order. what the hell the situation was so embarrassing I didn't know what to do. I sat there for a while and smiling at him until everyone left then I said "excuse me" and walked away. Goshhhh, I didn't know what to say lah sooo fml!

then we went for some place moreee economic which was better

After dimsum, we had nowhere to go on christmas so we decided to go kill our time in Aeon.

Captured a funny picture of my brother while camwhoring wahahaha!

well, Lavender's time ♥


hahaha had nothing better to do until I needed to camwhore :P well, just talking lor!

Bought some masks from skin food ♥

this was FOC!

this was expensive honestly :P but useful I think ♥

this was not bad too ♥

Overall, I spent my whole christmas day with my family. In simpler meaning, I don't celebrate christmas haha!

Now I have a real huge problem. My stupid online capacity is full and I couldn't upload anymore pictures. I need to buy Picasa's capacity to upload my pictures here. my sister says it's okay but I think it's not okay at all. I need to pay to blog!? -,- I try to use flickr but until now, I only manage to upload one picture in a post. how can!? I really cannot figure out how to put those pictures together. anyone? I seriously need some help since I don't want to open another liveabetterway2 hahahaha! and somemore, the directions are super not clear so I don't know how. *-) All guides and helps are super appreciated!


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  1. if you dont want to create a new blog, then you will have to re-size all the pictures from your old posts. Use photoshop or flickr or Picasa 3 or another choice is upload all your pics to facebook and then download them again (lol super mafan). but this will make the size of the photos smaller and you can upload more. :)

    Canon's camera's pictures are very big-sized. Mine is 3000+ kb. that's why my space finished so fast. I think yours is also around that size? try re-sizing :)

    lucks! don't stop blogging! xD

    p.s. when I said use Picasa 3, I didn't mean buy the space from Picasa Web Albums, I mean download the program. I agree with you, its so not worth it to pay to blog. -.-