Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Eve

It was christmas eve and I decided to spend my quality time with the family hoho. not hanging out with friends or going for countdown those stuffs. You know, I actually don't really like countdown because countdown = traffic super JAM! oh my,  you know everywhere is in a bullshit jam and you must have a great and perfect toleration to get through the traffic to your destination. ew, I would rather stay at home, seriously. but who knows, maybe next year I might try to go for a countdown and see if I'll have fun. :)

went for a shopping with family in Aeon, bought some clothes for my little sisters.

and my brother was looking very very impatient already @@

Daddy had his kolejmate gathering in Seremban. so we drove all the way south to Seremban and it was pretty jam on the highway. So many of them drove on the emergency line and so did my dad, but don't worry I had scolded him but it was actually useless lah. -,-

My dad's friend aunty abc (I forgot her name T.T) prepared the food. It was nice but I couldn't eat much. hahaha, wanted to reach my target 45kg can!

I had no idea who is this. He was doing the barbeque stuffs. heh heh.

seriously, I had nothing much to do there. watched Finding Nemo and other cartoons channels. haha! Back to Klang, we decided to have desserts before going home. so, hong kong desserts in bukit tinggi.

I like this, mango with don't know what XD

this is also not bad, but I don't really like green tea flavour, very qi guai.

ah, I like this too, black sesame tang yuan ♥

my christmas eve, hmmm, still okay lah. not really crazy.

How about yours? :)

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