Monday, January 10, 2011

I got my earrings!

It was a beautiful Sunday again. hehehe. supposed that it was my family day, but we had to work out for prom night which was on the next day. We went to chia voon's place in the morning :) I reached there quite late and they were already working things out : doing snowman (so cute) and doing the stars (so sweet) hehe! oh and by the way, now I am using flickr to upload my pictures. The steps are horribly stupid but I must bear with it for blogging! and also, sorry for not updating my blog for days because I was like waking up so late and hang out with some stupids the whole day :P forgive my playfulness!

look at the messy table that day!

Everyone was so hungry and we ordered pizza! 5 LARGE pizza crazy or not! the guys told us they would eat 5 pieces each :P and, know what, they did!!!!! impressive hahahahaha!


They continued with their works and I had an appointment with my aunt that afternoon at 2pm. so sorry that I had to leave :P hehehehe! *bad things happened there I didn't want to mention about it because I was so sad alright T.T*


But after the appointment, I joined them back at chia voon's house. They were having super fun with chia voon's brothers, Vincent and John! Both of them are super cute can!!!!! They are so handsome and adorable! Awwww and the cutest thing was, vincent hold my arms super tightly and yelled : Wo xi huan ni wo xi huan ni!!! hahaha don't you think is sweet? :) :P After that, we left her house and headed to Aeon because Tracy and I got something to buy and jia wei and ah boon got no where to go since they had to wait for neng to come home at 9pm. Pity them, wu jia ke gui :P hahaha!

Had our dinner in Igentis, this was eric's 苦瓜米粉! oh my -,-

Tracy and Eric were having severe coughs. So I ordered mint tea for them! I seriously believe that mint can heal coughing :) heh heh!


kolian punya Eric had ku gua mi fen and mint tea, awful can! ><


and this ah boon very hang fuk, he had combo set (there were fish and chip and chicken chop togethere) and mother of pearl!


just look at his face! @@


zhangyik :)


my dear tracy :)


just keep keep eating wahahaha!


jia wei :)


eric, with his mouthful of ku gua mi fen >< haha!


he just wouldn't look into my camera!!! XD


MOTHER OF PEARL hahahahaha! Inside ah boon's tummy d!


Since we had two of them coughing, we decided to go drink some chinese medicine at gong wo tong! I think the medicine was okay, not really bitter but tracy didn't think so!


tableful of medicine bowls hahaha! we were really desperate to try anything to heal the cough!



Alright, I was so stupid I just mentioned that I wanted to get an ear-piercing then tracy and the guys really forced me into going for that. The guys just kept talking and talking and talking to convince me and give me some courages and Tracy was just pulling me into Diamond and Platinum for the piercing. super kong bu can! I must be ready and have enough courages only I dare to go for it. you know, I am a real coward.


talk until sien liao, obviously :P


At last at last at last, I went for to PUNCH my ears fml! It was soooo scary espeically when the gun was about to leave my sight because I just felt so insecure omg! I made a real joke in poh kong I had the video but I didn't know how to upload them here and I think if I am smart, I wouldn't upload them here to memperxiasuikan myself! hahaha. Oh ya, forgot to mention that I went to poh kong beause the scary gun in Diamond and Platinum was not working so at first I was so happy because no need to punch my ears but they still pulled me to poh kong, saying that it was moreeee knowledgeable and what not. Scaryy!

and tadaaaaa, with my new temporary earrings!

Hahahaha, although I was really stupid that night, but I was grateful that I had a bunch of stupid friends to give me courage and let me got this thing done! hahaha =D thanks to Eric, Tracy, zhangyik, jiawei and ah boon a lot! =D hahaha!

I hope I will look better in my earrings, gosh! XD


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